Want to reduce belly fat in 28 days? Gain energy? Sleep better? without the need for restrictive diets or exercise? 

Do you need a coach to help motivate and show you how to reach your health goals?

Are you curious about intermittent fasting, sleep improvement and ancestral lifestyles?

If your answer is YES... I can help you.
I'm a certified holistic health coach with loads of experience in the health industry. I created my F.A.S.T fat-burning formula that help busy people like me (and you) to get you results in 4 weeks, while still enjoying a little wine with cheese (that's me) or your favourite meal at the right time for your unique body clock.

What is the F.A.S.T fat burning formula?

F= Feast (12 hours or less of low carb delicious food - yes bacon and eggs is ok)
F= Fast (12 hours each day around your sleep e.g 8pm to 8am fast)
A= Activity (15 minutes daily of movement or meditation)
S=Sleep (7+ hours of sleep is your superpower)
T= Time (Your unique 24 hour body clock - circadian rhythm is key to fat-burning success)

This is the way I live my life and I'm now in my mid-fifties!

All you need to do is book me for a 15-minute chat to find out if we are a good fit

How Does Health Coaching Work? 
I provide cost-effective online group coaching for a 28-Day Lifestyle Resst package or I can work one-to-one for more intensive and bespoke services.

Healthcare professionals can only spend a few minutes with their patients to advise them on how to manage their health challenges. Usually its to send you out of the doctor's office with the out-of-date advice to "Lose weight and increase exercise" while giving you more pills to swallow .

Health Coaching is the bridge between medical recommendations and a person's ability to make the lasting lifestyle behaviour changes required to improve their health.

Let's see if we can improve your health together - starting with a free call to you. Take a leap of faith and contact me to book a call at your convenience.


Meet the coach

Hi there I'm Caron!

I'm a certified Primal Health Coach. I've helped many men and women to  gain control of their health, reverse symptoms and reduce medications using my simple, yet powerful FAST LIFESTYLE RESET PROGRAM that I developed for myself to drop body fat and slow down aging.

I have 25 years experience working in the health industry. I'm an Australian, now happily settled in the UK with my husband so we have more opportunities to explore near and far- it's a lifestyle goal we are proud to have achieved.

“A few simple disciplines practiced every day is accumulated success, while a few errors of judgement repeated every day is accumulated disaster” - Jim Rohn

It was easy to stay healthy when I was younger and working in the health industry, but fast forward to 2013, when I was turning 50, I was working in an office, sitting for most of the day at my desk and I was not in a great state of health.

My blood pressure was bordering on high and fat around my middle meant I was in the overweight category and becoming insulin resistant. I was ashamed of myself - I used to be a fitness coach!

I had reached that critical point turning 50 where I made the decision to take action to prevent aging and lifestyle diseases. I discovered powerful methods that were free and easy to sustain and I quickly became as healthy and fit as I ever was. I then acompleted certifcation as a health coach so I could share my method with others.

My personal success became the inspiration for my Lifestyle Reset Program where I help you reset habits and enjoy life at whatever stage of life you are. 

I have awesome time-saving tools you can incorporate FAST
so contact me for a free 20-minute strategy call to get started. Caron x
Meet the coach

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Free Health Call

Contact me to book a free, confidential 20-minute coaching call so we can see if the 28-Day Fat-burning Lifestyle Reset package is a good fit for you. I will give you a few actions to try immediately even if you decide not to spend with me.

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FAST 28-Day Lifestyle Reset Package £147

28-Day Package Includes: *A weekly 30-minute call for four weeks to prioritise how and what to eat sleep and move on a daily basis so you can increase fat-burning to burning *personal workbook of health building tools to use immediately *Daily motivation emails *Recipes for home and suggestions when eating out *Access to ask questions to coach via email

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Corporate Health Workshops

Based on my FAST Lifestyle Reset Program, my fun, interactive workshops will deliver to your employees an array of easy take-home actions that will inspire them to try immediately. Guaranteed to enhance not only each participant's personal life, but increase their economic productivity their place of work.

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What People Say

Turning 50 last year, I had some important health goals to achieve. Knowing I was checking in with my health coach Caron every week really made a positive impact. I've learnt so much on how to keep my body and mind energised."

Alison DelaneyWet Leopard Swimwear1st underwire bikini vests

Working long hours in an office, I had no idea how I could find the time or energy to lose some weight around my abdomen. Working with Caron was the key. She recommended intermittent fasting and within weeks the fat dropped with only walking as exercise. There was so much information online, working with Caron saved me time and money-since fasting is free! Thanks Caron you are a life changer!"

Chris TerryFinance Manager

My husband and I have serious health challenges and want to change the way we eat, including trying the ketogenic diet and fasting. I found Caron's knowledge regarding this protocol excellent and she suggested adding in 'superfoods' and slow movement throughout the day. She has provided us with links to meditation and podcasts on health so we can keep learning ourselves. We noticed improvements within two weeks! Absolutely worth the investment with Caron."

Kerry CollierRetiree


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